About Beyond SEO

Boosting Your Profits Through Web Marketing

Why “Beyond SEO”?

 Most small businesses know they need a website so their potential clients can find them online. After all, most people these days search online when they need a product or service.

A website is just a start though. If you want to get to the top of the search engine rankings then at a minimum you need your website optimised for the search engines. That’s called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and it’s something that more web design agencies are offering these days. But what happens when there are ten sites all optimised for the search term “motel in Armidale” for example. Or maybe even 20?

The answer is going “Beyond SEO” to web marketing. Actually, we use SSaM (Synergetic Systems and Momentum) to make your business stand out online and get the sales.

It means building  your website in such a way it becomes a “lead magnet”, not just a pretty site no-one ever visits. It means getting your business ranked in the “Google 3 pack”, the 3 large listings Google puts at the top of its normal search engine results page. They’re the sites that get the bulk of the clicks.

Web marketing can also mean using email marketing, facebook marketing, and more which gives you more leads.

Webmarketing is much more than just a website and SEO, and it can give you a real competitive advantage that translates into more leads, more sales and more profit for your small business. That’s why our business is “Beyond SEO“.

What We Do

We offer web marketing and web design to small businesses with local customers.  That’s motels, plumbers, accountants, restaurants, electricians and so on.

Our goal is to drive local traffic to your website, and to convert those visitors to sales.  We do that by building a direct action, mobile friendly website designed from the ground up to convert visitors to clients. We optimise the website for the search engines (SEO), so it ranks high in Google and your potential clients can find it easily.

Then we drive even more traffic to your website through ranking in the “Google 3 pack”, the highlighted listing that Google shows on it’s search engine results page.

We do our utmost to put your small business among the top in your niche in your local area.

And to keep your website performing at its best we have maintenance plans with fast, secure and reliable hosting that can include time for regular updates or even regularly adding pages. (Because Google loves sites that are regularly updated).

The Areas We Service

We can provide web design and web marketing for small businesses with local clients anywhere in Australia.

Because we’re based just outside beautiful Armidale on the New England tablelands,  we’re particularly focused on Armidale and surrounding towns and cities:

  • Armidale, Uralla and Guyra
  • Tamworth,
  • Inverell
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Glen Innes
  • All the other towns in the area
  • And Brisbane (Because we’ve lived in Brisbane, we have family in Brisbane, and we love Brisbane)

If you’re in Australia and think our services could be a good fit for your small business please contact us.

About “Us”

I’m Warren Newson. I’m the owner and main man at Beyond SEO.

I’ve been around web marketing for about 10 years, and I still keep up to date by learning from other expert marketers because you need to stay current in any business, and particularly in web based businesses.

I’m not a typical nerd though. I’m a tradesman, and I have a degree in mechanical engineering. I’ve done trade work in businesses from less than a dozen employees to over 50. As a professional engineer I worked for an Australian whitegoods manufacturer with 600 employees at the factory I was at, and thousands more around Australia.

And now I have my own small business.

What I’m trying to say is, I’ve lived and worked in the real world, and I’m interested in real world solutions that will work for your small business.

And, it doesn’t matter what your business is, most likely I talk your language.