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At Beyond SEO we’re web marketing experts and we offer a range of services to get your business found in the search engines, to get the click to your website, and to convert lookers to buyers.

That Means: More Clients, More Sales & More Profits 

New Websites 


We build direct action, mobile friendly websites. They are designed from the ground up to be found in the search engines, get the click, and convert lookers to buyers. They include:

  • Home Page
  • Contact page
  • About page
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms Of Service
  • Up to 10 content pages
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so your website gets found in Google more easily
  • SSL certificate for more security and higher Google rankings (your URL starts with https, not http)
  • You can make small changes to pages yourself

NOTE: Shopping carts, booking systems etc are all extras and have to be quoted separately. 

Upgrading Websites 


If you have an existing site we can look at it and see if it is economical to upgrade it. If it is we can optimise the pages so they get found more easily in the search engines (SEO). We can tidy it up and add calls to action.

Sometimes though, depending on what’s wrong and how your website was built it can be more cost effective (and more marketing effective) to build a new website. If your website is more than a few years old that’s probably the case. Like your vehicle and your computer, websites do get out of date and need replacing.

Local Business Marketing –


Local business marketing gets your business found at the top of Google, and in the Google 3 Pack so that your website gets more visitors and you get more new clients. If your business isn’t in the Google 3 pack and in the top 3 listings on Google’s search engine results page after 6 months for your local area and your industry (e.g. armidale plumber), we’ll keep working at no extra charge until it is.

Reputation Management


Positive online reviews about your business help you get more new clients. We’ll help you get more good reviews from satisfied clients, and we’ll monitor online reviews so a bad one doesn’t impact badly on your business. (Ongoing campaign, as long as you like).

Facebook Management


Note: Cost of Facebook ads (if any) is extra

Regular updating of Facebook, and posting of ads if required

Client Dashboard

The client dashboard shows you a detailed multi page report on all the  critical data you need to know about your web marketing. You’ll see search engine rankings, citation tracking, reviews and ratings, Google My Business data, local search, SEO. You can easily keep track of improvements in your web marketing and rankings so you can see the effectiveness of your web marketing campaign.

Hosting & Maintenance

Websites are like cars. If you want them to run smoothly and trouble free they need maintenance.

They  need security to keep them from being hacked, and they need regular backups because no matter how good your security there’s always that tiny possibility something could happen to your site. 

They need fast and reliable hosting as well.

NOTE: While you are using one of our maintenance plans we guarantee not to work for your competitors in your local area. 

We have 3 levels of maintenance.



  • Fast, Secure, Reliable Hosting
  • Daily backups
  • WordPress files and plugins kept up to date
  • Premium WordPress theme kept up to date
  • Your own comprehensive dashboard to see how your website is performing
  • We won’t work for your competitors in your local area



The standard package plus:

  • 2 hours website work/month 



Medium plus:

  • 1 original article/month because:
  1. Google will rank your site higher
  2. You get more website visitors

All In One Package

(With everything as described above)

  • New webite: direct action, mobile friendly, SEO, 10 content pages
  • 6 month local business marketing campaign setup and management
  • Reputation management
  • Facebook setup and management
  • Your own local marketing dashboard
  • Ultimate hosting and maintenance package
  • PLUS email marketing, the most important marketing strategy you can do for any business


The all in one web marketing package gives your marketing synergy and momentum so that you can power past your competitors. It helps you to find new clients, retain existing clients and make more dollars per sale.

Before You Do Anything…


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